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BioVectra can offer custom synthesis for mPEG derivatives. They are produced in cGMP plants regularly controlled by FDA. Development, technology transfer and industrialization are proposed as provision of services. Price on request.

Today, BioVectra supplies MPEGs at commercial scale for marketed bio-conjugated drugs and for a number of products in clinical development.·


Vectra MPEG Epsilon Maleimide

Maleimide PEG is a sulfhydryl (thiol/SH) group reactive PEG derivative that can modify selected protein, peptide or any other materials with available sulfhydryl groups.

·         Vectra MPEG Propionaldehyde

Stable aldehyde PEG used for protein, antibody, peptides or carbohydrate N-terminal amine group pegylation reagent.

·         Vectra MPEG Amine

Methoxyl polyethylene glycol, amino PEG (mPEG-NH2) is a mono reactive PEG derivative. It is usually used to modify peptides, proteins, and other surfaces via carboxylic group (-COOH) or other amine reactive chemical groups.

·         Vectra MPEG Nitrophenyl Carbonate

NPC PEG is an amino (-NH2) reactive PEG derivative.  This reagent permits to modify protein, peptide or any compounds with available amino groups on their lysine residue or N-terminus.

·         Vectra MPEG Iodoacetamide

Iodoacetyl (IA) functionalized polyethylene glycol (IA PEG) is a thiol (-SH) group reactive PEG derivative.  Used to modify compounds via their available thiol groups.

·         Vectra PEG 3000 da Bis-NHS Ester

PEG Bis-NHS ester is a homo-bifunctional amino group reactive PEG derivative.

It is a cross linker for proteins, for peptides or any other materials with available amino functional groups.