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We sell all the products of the companies that we represent in France. Please find here below some categories among the lists that we can propose.

Molecular Biology Reagents

BioVectra products
Molecula Biology Reagents

Meta Chloro per Benzoic Acid (MCPBA)

Sholkem products


Materium products for Biotech applications

MPEG Reagents

BioVectra products
MPEG Reagents

MTX Methotrexate

Bio processing reagent
BioVectra product

DHAA Dehydro Ascorbic Acid (cGMP)

Bio processing reagent
BioVectra product

Micro Encapsulation

Materium Products for Micro encapsulation

HPLC Columns: SiliaChrom®Plus & TLC Plates: SiliaPlates™

SiliCycle products

Molecule purification

Materium Products for Purification application

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