Functionalized Silica Gels: SiliaBond®  

A wide range of functionalized silica is offered by SiliCycle to smoothen purification processes in organic chemistry.

The blackbone of SiliaBond ® functionalized silica is SiliaFlash ® F60, irregular silica size 40-63µm, 60 Å with outstanding performance for all kind of applications thanks to high purity and narrow particle size distribution.

On specific request, all functionalized products can be made on any other sorts of silica offered by SiliCycle (SiliaFlash ® irregular silica and spherical silica SiliaSphere ® in different sizes and granulometry) and in different cartridge formats (SiliaPrep ® for Solid Phase Extraction, SiliaFlash ® or SiliaSphere ® cartridges…)

In many cases, supported reagents have distinct advantages over their solution-phase counterparts, the biggest one being the ability to do multiple transformations in a single pot, the immobilization of toxic reagents, and increased selectivity.

SiliaBond ® Functionalized Silica Gels are suitable for use in batch reactions and in flow through applications.

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SiliaBond ®