HPLC Columns: SiliaChrom®Plus & TLC Plates: SiliaPlates™

HPLC columns: SiliaChrom ® Plus

Both SiliCycle’s raw material and finished HPLC columns are QC-validated in their ISO 9001-2008 registered manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturing is done following strict SOPs in order to offer exceptional column performance, peak symmetry and lot-to-lot reproducibility.

SiliCycle’s unique sol-gel process technology allows to offer complete silica-based solutions to HPLC end-users.

SiliCycle has a solution for every need: whether use under a wide range of pH values is required, or stability with 100 % aqueous or organic mobile phases or low bleed material for LC/MS applications.

SiliaChrom ® Plus portfolio ranges from reversed-phase to normal phase columns for analysis of acidic, neutral and basic compounds, columns for biochromatography of large molecules and SFC columns for API separation.

A wide variety of column dimensions, particle and pore sizes are available to accommodate the vast majority of applications.

You can read further details in 52 pages brochure:

Silicycle analytical preparative chromatography catalog

TLC Plates: SiliaPlates™

Thin Layer Chromatography Plates give rapid and cost-efficient results.

You can easily select and optimize chromatographic conditions prior to flash chromatography purification or HPLC analysis. Only small quantities of compounds are required for TLC analysis.

SiliCycle SiliaPlates TM have a high separation power, which is due to narrow particle size distribution silica gel.

Thin Layer Chromatography Plates