Metal Scavengers: SiliaMetS®

Removing residual metals from post reactions can be a major issue. The toxic nature of transition metals has led to the reduction of tolerated residual concentration in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to single digit ppm. However, many important key steps, such as coupling reactions (Suzuki, Heck, Stille, Sonogashira…), Ring Closing Metathesis (RCM) and hydrogenation still require the use of metal catalysts.

Benefit from SiliCycle over 20 years know-how in metal scavenging, offering a wide range of ligands, available from lab scale to industrial scale.

SiliCycle can support you in selecting the right SiliaMetS ® for easier purification, under Non Disclosure Agreement.

SiliCycle offers kits available in 5, 10, 25, 50 et 100 grams for selected references for choosing an optimized metal scavenger for your project:

Metal scavenger Kit, reference K30730B, 8 types of functionalized silica selected for metal scavenging: Cysteine, DMT, Imidazole, TAAcOH, TAAcONa, Thiol, Thiourea and Triamine

Novel scavenger Kit, reference K34530B, 6 selected functionalized silica: AMPA, DEAM, DOTA, DMT, Guanidine and Thiol

Tin scavenger Kit – reference K34730B, 8 types of functionalized silica to remove tin: Carbonate, Cysteine, DEAM, DMT, TAAcOH, TAAcONa, Thiol and Thiourea

Palladium scavenger Kit – reference K34630B, 6 selected functionalized silica to remove Palladium: DMT, Diamine, Thiol, Thiourea, Imidazole and Triamine.

SiliCycle can produce industrial quantities of SiliaMetS ® supporting your project when volumes are increasing.

To select appropriate SiliaMetS® Metal Scavengers for your needs, follow the link:

SiliaMetS ®