Purification using cartridges: SiliaSep™  Flash Cartridges & E-PAK® Fixed Bed Flow-Through Cartridges

SiliaSep TM Flash Cartridges :


Improve your purification by using pre-packed Flash cartridges prepared by SiliCycle as they offer better reproducibility and productivity compared to made-in-house flash chromatography.

2 kinds of silica are available: irregular 40-63 µm and spherical 25µm.

Any purification demand can be met with different kinds of functionalities: normal or reversed phase, metal scavengers (SiliaMetS ®) or ion exchangers.

Different standard sizes are offered: 4, 12, 25, 40, 80, 120, 220 or 330 grams. Even up to 800 and 1600 grams as XL sizes.

They are suitable for all commercial purifications systems.

For large scale purifications using Biotage TM systems,  matching cartridges are offered.


E-PAK® Fixed Bed Flow-Through Cartridges

NEW : E-PAK ® are radial flow adsorption cartridges for fixed-bed large-scale purification containing SiliaMetS ® or various grades of activated carbons to remove residual metals at lab, pilot and commercial scale.

E-PAK are designed for use with organic and aqueous solvents, eliminate the use of insoluble particulates in reactors.

Extended flow path provides increased contact time and better adsorption performance when using E-PAK ® cartridges.

E-PAK ® cartridges