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BioVectra is an innovative cGMP drug development partner, custom manufacturer and raw material supplier with more than 40 year experience serving the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic and Biotechnology industries.

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  • Scaling Projects from Development to Commercial Scale under appropriate cGMPs
  • Small to Large Scale Fermentation Capabilities (up to 25,000 L)
  • Custom API Synthesis
  • Plant BioActive Extraction and Purification
  • Large Molecule Animal Extraction & Purification, under strict BSE-free controls
  • Natural Extractions of APIs
  • Able to produce and handle Cytotoxic molecules

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Specialty Bioprocessing Reagents :

BioVectra offers a variety of grades and formats of essential BioProcessing reagents including High Purity, cGMP quality, non-animal or BSE-controlled BioProcessing grades :

To access the flyers regarding BioVectra’s Bioprocessing Reagents and Diagnostic & Biology Reagents please use the following links:

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