Our values​​

For each activity, we strive to keep the same philosophy, based on 5 major principles:


We commit by contract to total confidentiality for the duration of each project and as long as the client wishes. This commitment is valid for every Catalys employees and for any projects we are following. The starting point of a successful mission is based on mutual trust.

Careful listening:

Listening to our client is our priority at Catalys. Whether it is related to technical data or specific requests (stringent timelines for example), they represent the basis for our studies. We take everything into consideration so that all of the project details are being addressed.

Timely response:

The great advantage of being a small company is to combine both speed and flexibility. As a result of our team’s experience and competence in the Fine Chemical industry, we are able to respond quickly to your needs while remaining focused on your project throughout its evolution.

Open communication:

Communication and mutual trust are needed between both parties to efficiently manage our missions. We ensure that all useful information will be passed onto our clients as quickly as possible.

Client satisfaction:

Here at Catalys, keeping our customers satisfied and striving for excellence in each requested services are our main objectives. Proof of our efficiency lies in our clients’ loyalty.