Catalys represents Biotex SM™ in Europe

Biotex SM™ is a database that provides information on “biotech” and emerging pharmaceutical companies that are developing traditional small molecule drugs.

Biotex SM™ will focus your efforts and help you meet your sales goals by addressing such questions as:

  • Which companies are developing small molecule drugs?
  • Which therapeutic indications are being investigated?
  • What is the stage of development of drug candidates?
  • What chemical classes are being explored?

Biotex SM™ contains:

  • 1,000+ companies
  • 3,000+ products
  • 40+ data fields
    • Contact information
    • Corporate information
    • Development & commercial products
    • Chemical structures
    • Alliance partners
    • Names and phone numbers of key personnel
    • Links to key websites

Biotex SM™ is the ideal tool for business development, sales & marketing, and licensing professionals:

  • Web-based
  • Intuitive and user friendly
  • 23 searchable fields
  • Geographic search capabilities
  • Continuously updated
  • Affordably priced