SiliaMetS E-PAK cartridge launch

Our partner SiliCycle has more than 20 year experience in providing solutions for chromatography, analytical and organic chemistry, developing and manufacturing high value silica-based materials.

In a strategic collaboration with Graver Technologies, they have set up of a newly designed cartridge, especially developed for highly effective metal removal.

SiliaMetS E-PAK cartridge :

A New Technology for Metal Removal at Large Scale


On one hand, SiliCycle is recognized for its know-how in purification of APIs and high value intermediates via silica-grafted technologies. On the other hand, Graver has high experience in purification of solvents and waste solutions, from R&D scale to industrial production, process fluids and mining refineries.

They combined their expertise and launched this SiliaMetS E-Pak cartridge, very effective to optimize processes, in particular for Palladium removal.

This cartridge includes:

  • Radial flow
  • Fast kinetics
  • Low pressure drop
  • Fixed bed  for scavenging in contiunous flow
  • Compatibility with almost all solvents
  • Easily scalable, no harsh work
  • No loss of API
  • Respect of environment: less solvents and less time
  • Unique manufacturing process without any glue, that minimize leachables and extractables
  • Cartridge size: Lab, Pilot and Commercial, compatible in standard industrial filter systems
  • Available in 2 blockbuster scavengers from SiliCycle: SiliaMetS Thiol & SiliaMetS DMT.

SiliaMetS E-PAK leaflet

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