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SiliCycle® Inc. est une société canadienne spécialisée dans le développement et la fabrication de produits à base de silice utilisés en chimie organique, purification et chromatographie.

SiliaMetS® – Metal Scavengers
Removing residual metals from post reactions can be a major issue. The toxic nature of transition metals has led to the reduction of tolerated residual concentration in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to single digit ppm. However, many important key steps, such as coupling reactions (Suzuki, Heck, Stille, Sonogashira, etc), ring closing metathesis (RCM), and hydrogenation, still require the use of metal catalysts.

Benefit from Silicycle over 15 years of know-how in metal scavenging

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SiliaCat® – Heterogeneous Catalysts

This new heterogeneous catalysts family from Silicycle is made by using an innovative technology that confers these materials advantageous properties for catalysis. SiliaCat is an organically modified silica made by a proprietary encapsulation process resulting in a new chemical matrix structure.

Wide range of organic coupling and hydrogenation reactions (Suzuki, Sonogashira, Heck, and Stille)

• SiliaCat silica-supported catalysts for cleaner products and cleaner waste streams
• Ideal for batch or flowthrough applications
• Cost efficient and highly stable
• Reusable and leach proof
• Available in size ranging from grams to multi-kilograms quantities


SiliaBond® C18 – Chromatographic Phase

Unmatched quality and performance
• Very highly hydrophobic C18 phase
• A homogeneous functionalized layer
• A unique grafting method ensuring reproducible results
• An unprecedented endcapping efficiency
• Incomparable lot-to-lot reproducibility
• The quality of a monofunctional C18
• Available in large quantities (multi-ton scale)

SiliaBond® C18

SiliaBond® – Functionalized Silica Gels

• Highly efficient and selective metal scavengers
• No leaching (chemical stability)
• Selective nucleophile electrophile scavengers
• High resolution chromatographic phases
• Supported reagents for organic synthesis
• Thermally stable and microwave compatible
• Available in large quantities (multi-ton scale)


SiliaChrom® – HPLC Columns
HPLC columns for the most popular HPLC applications presenting superior performance for any type of compounds.

• Broad pH range (0,8-12,0)
• High surface coverage
• Wide variety of chemistries available
• Excellent column efficiency
• Long column lifetime
• Low bleed


SiliaPlate™ – TLC Plates

• Analytical and preparative TLC plates
• Different sizes and choice of backings
• Normal, reversed and specialty phases


SiliaFlash® – Irregular Silica Gels
SiliaFlash® is a very high purity silica gel with tight particle size distribution. The particle size of the standard 40-63 microns flash chromatography product (SiliaFlash F60) compares favorably with the overall industry average of 35-75 microns. This ensures more uniform flash column or cartridge packing for higher resolutions and better separations.

• High purity irregular Gel
• Tight particle size distribution
• Very low level of fines
• Neutral pH, low metal content, and controlled water level content
• Lot-to-lot reproducibility


SiliaSep™ – Flash Cartridges

SiliaSep™ flash cartridges present a high purity alternative to the other cartridges available on the market.

• High resolution & reproducibility
• Ultra high performance cartridges available (SiliaSep HP)
• Compatible with all commercial systems
• Reversed and specialty phases available


SiliaSphere™ – Spherical Silica Gels
Analytical spherical gels with monodisperse particle size and preparative spherical silica gels

• Very high purity & tight particle size distribution
• Low metal content
• High mechanical stability
• Wide choice of phases available (normal, reversed & specialty)


SiliaPrep™ – Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Cartridges & Well Plates

• SiliaPrepX polymeric SPE (HLB, DVB, SCX, SAX, WCX & WAX)
• Normal, reversed, fluorinated, ion exchange, and mixed-mode phases
• Certified & Specialty phases (scavengers, reagents, etc.)


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